(architecture, interior, design, product) 

2020 finished the first book and photo essay - "Weightless - Tracing Landmarks"

2017 -2020 frequent the PhD in architecture at the University of Évora

2016-2016 participated as tutor in workshop IN SITU 5, with arch. Sérgio Silva and arch. José Castro Caldas

2015-2016 finished building the Hotel Água d´Alma

2015 -2015 2nd Place Resort Quitundo . International Competition .  Luanda 

2015-2015. invited to be guest critic to the 3rd year students of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

2010-2015. collaborator at Pedro Campos Costa Arquitectos

2014-2014. worked as photographer for the Portuguese Representation of Architecture Biennale of Veneza

2014-2014. awarded in a national competition promoted by Secil and OA: Prémio Secil Universidades 2013

2013-2013. achieved master degree in architecture. Thesis Airport(+)Montijo

2013-2013. collaborator at Atelier Base

2010-2013. collaborator at Atelier Orgânica Arquitectura

2013-2013. Invited to participate in a group of conferences entitled "Prática vs ensino"

2012-2013. Conversas Com about cities (organization with ArqºEmanuel Diogo and ArqªJoana Craveiro)

2010-2015. colaborator at M.P. Arquitetura e Engenharia

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